Ernie Brooks with Living Colours staff /Matti Ponkala

Year 2015 has been amazing. First of all, we've been very lucky with the weather, it's like rainy season never came! (Well lets not say anything yet.) Secondly, we've had some amazing guests here in the island and we also held our first ever scuba-yoga retreat with Cynthia Joanna from Ocean Sound Yoga.

In January Ernie Brooks came to Living Colours with his parner to celebrate his 80-year-old birthday. This legendary photographer has worked with Jacques Cousteau for 17 years and traveled all over the world with Calypso's legendary crew. Ernie has taught thousands of underwater photographers through his father's Brooks Institute and lived full life taking pictures of the things he loves. Very facinating and interesting person, still going strong and taking pictures of mangroves, clouds and corals. Read his interview!

In February Living Colours was filled with zen mode when inspirational yoga teacher Cynthia Joanne came to the island to lead our first scuba-yoga retreat. Eight full days of awesomeness, even beginner Al thought the week was very eye opening and helpful in many ways. Waking up in early morning to meditate at 5.30 watching sunrise was perfect start for the day. Thank you Cynthia for all your amazing classes and beautiful moments.

Comments about the scuba-yoga retreat:

“When two of my favourite hobbies – diving and yoga – are put together in this way, I absolutely had to come! Yoga and diving – perfect combination.” Eira

“Good balance between body and soul, both hard work and total relaxation, loved it!” Heidi

“I loved the sunrises and sound of the waves.” Marika

“I can finally touch my toes!” Ali

We really want to do this again! If you're interested of joining next time, send e-mail Tämä sähköpostiosoite on suojattu spamboteilta. Tarvitset JavaScript-tuen nähdäksesi sen. and we will send you info when we set the date and all! :) Namaste <3







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