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North Sulawesi has a lot to offer for both nature and culture lovers. Try jungle trekking or whitewater rafting, climb volcanoes, bathe in hot springs or visit friendly Minahasan villages surrounded by volcanoes, lakes and rice fields.

Sulawesi is a unique region of the world, where plants and animals from Asia and Australia mix. Plants are one of the great unknowns of Sulawesi, but botanists nowadays estimate that there are around 5 000 plant species on the island.

North Sulawesi's flora may be grouped into three types of ecosystems: beach and swamp forests, lowland rainforests and high altitude moss forests. The fauna is the most extraordinary in all of Indonesia with large numbers of unique mammal species, birds and reptiles.

Sulawesi has 11 active volcanoes; Mt. Mahawu and Mt. Lokon close to the city of Manado as well as the inactive cone of Manado Tua in the heart of Bunaken National Marine Park, are just three of the most stunning in North Sulawesi.

We can help you organise your tours with local knowledgeable guides. Here are examples of some of the things you can experience during your vacation in North Sulawesi.


Tangkoko Nature Reserve

This 8 700 ha wide protected area is located in the north-eastern tip of Sulawesi around Mt. DuaSudara. In Tangkoko you can go jungle trekking in a lush, primeval rainforest full of unusual and unique animals. Among the most often encountered animals are Crested black macaques (Macaca nigra), Spectral tarsiers (Tarsius spectrum) and Hornbills.

Minahasa Highland Tour

Make a tour around the highlands and experience the nature as well as the culture of Minahasa. Visit the beautiful mountainous town of Tomohon, the "City of Flowers" and enjoy its refreshing cool weather and vibrant colours from the numerous flower stalls that line the main road.

lake1Climb the stunning Mt. Mahawu. It is only about one-hour trek to the crater's edge where you can enjoy the magnificent view over Manado Bay, see the steaming lake at the bottom of the crater and experience the smell of sulphur from the pools. Take a bath in a hot spring, enjoy the beautiful scenery of the paddy fields of Lake Tondano, have lunch by a goldfish farm and visit the lovely Lake Linow (the changing colour lake).

A kilometre walk to the 60 m high Kali waterfalls near the city of Manado is a fascinating experience. The walk takes you through the friendly village of Kali, its local plantations and beautiful rich vegetation. On the way you may see how locals make a traditional sweet-and-sour alcoholic brew, saguer, out of the sugar palm fruits.

White Water Rafting

Experience the exciting rapids of Nimanga River (class II-III) or Ranoyapo River (class III-IV) and enjoy the amazing scenery and varied wildlife along the rivers on international standard boats guided by international standard trained and experienced guides.

Climbing Manado Tua

Climb the magnificent inactive cone of Manado Tua Island. This can be a challenging task but the scenery along the way as well as the panoramic view of the Bunaken National Marine Park makes it worth every drop of sweat. If you are lucky, you may spot the Crested black macaques (Macaca nigra) that live in the rainforest on top of the island. 

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