This is what our guests say about Living Colours and diving in Bunaken National Marine Park:

I've been diving all over the world and every place has it's uniqueness and its differences but just the sheer number of different fish species here is staggering. I don't think you can beat it. Living Colours is laid back and easy going: it has little bit a sense of adventure but yet it's really comfortable.

Jim Morin, Professor Emeritus Dept of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY


In this are we have approximately 550 species of reef building corals. What comes to the the fish species, around this archipelago there's around 2000 fish species so this truly the highest number of life underwater.

Markus Dernjatin, Marine Biologist, Finland


The dive crew is absolutely fantastic! They looked after me every second of the way and I had always someone with me. And I think because of that I build huge amount of confidence and now I feel a lot more comfortable in the water than I did when I got here.  I came here by myself and met some fabulous people. I've never felt I was here by myself at all, I felt I was part of the big family.

Caitlin, Australia


It's very special because you go diving in very small groups and it's very private. That I love. Food is very good, it's tasty and clean and big choice all kind of food.

Stephan Müller, Germany






Videographer Matti Salmijärvi was filming in January - February 2014 in Bunaken underwater and on land interviewing guests, marine biologists and Living Colours' staff. Watch the amazing video!


"Every place has it's uniqueness and it's differences, but just the sheer number of different species in Bunaken is staggering. I don't think you can beat it."

Jim Morin
Professor Emeritus Dept of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY


jim morrin



Salmijarvi wreck

Want to do a dive course but don't want to spend holiday time studying? Well we have good news for you! PADI Open Water Diver, Advanced and Rescue Diver Manuals are now available online. And we save the nature at the same time too.

Taking the next dive course got just a little easier since PADI has released Open Water, Advanced and Rescue Diver Manuals online, so people can start studying for their course at home before their trip. And students leaving Living Colours don't have to carry extra book with them since it's all now online! Manuals are available in multiple languages.

You can read your manual and do the knowledge reviews before you start your vacation so you have more time to relax when you come to Living Colours. You still need to do the theory with your dive instructor here in Bunaken, watch Open Water videos, do quizzes, exams etc. but you save a lot of time if you've studied the book already at home.

And at the same time we are taking care of the environment because we don't need to purchase so many printed books anymore. If you still want to have "an old fashioned paper book" it's still an option too. And of course we have a library books here so people don't need to read from their laptops when already in the resort.

Interested of taking your next dive course here in Bunaken? Contact us and we will tell you more about this new study option!
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Want to learn by doing and even get a career in diving? Become a PADI Divemaster and start your better life now!

Living Colours has had many DMTs (Divemaster Trainees) lately and we thought since they are such a fun people to hang out with, we want more people to come! :)

- Heini and Ali, dive instructors in Living Colours Diving Resort

Diving as a career is great option to jump off the rat race and do something what you've always dreamed of. With PADI Divemaster course you learn by doing, you will take part of diving centers every day routines and before you know it: you are a pro!

Divemaster course takes about four weeks and on that time you will learn a lot more of dive theory, how to assist dive instructors on dive courses, how to lead already certified divers and how the life in the tropical paradise becomes so good that you don't ever wanna give it up. And so much more!

You can start you Divemaster theory online before your trip:

Read more about PADI Divemaster course:

Book your Divemaster course and ask more details:
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Markus Dernjatin raja ampat1

Manta ray in Raja Ampat. Picture: Markus Dernjatin.

Living Colours together with Raya and Aventura gathered two groups in January – February 2014 for once-in-a-lifetime diving trips to Bunaken National Marine Park followed by liveaboard trip to Raja Ampat with Amira. “This trip was more than I dreamed of”, comments one of amazed divers Jaakko Julin.

Most of the divers in this trip were “Bunaken veterans”, but few people were in this part of the world for the fist time. One of them is Jaakko Julin, who heard about the trip in his friend's wedding.

- I singned in when I heard that marine biologist Markus Dernjatin is the trip leader and I haven't regretted my decicion once, Jaakko raves on Amira lieveaborad's deck on the last night of the three week trip.

Amira deck

People chilling out on the deck of Amira. Picture: Heini Härsilä.

Jaakko has been happy with the group, trip leader and of course dives in Bunaken and Raja Ampat National Parks.

- I've been diving around the world but when I arrived in Bunaken... Oh boy I was stunned!

Jaakko had just bought his first underwater camera and straight away he got to know the best tips from professionals.

- Diving with there “camera wizards” has opened my eyes. After I've been diving with camera I have understood how much there is to see in the coral wall! So many little creatures in every layers, Jaakko says.

PAPUA group2

Group with Living Colours' staff ready to go to Raja Ampat. PIcture: Alistair Thursby.

Jaakko has just good things to say about the trip and it's leader.

- Dernjatin can tell so many details about the reefs we have been diving in. And he knows so many fish too! I can't imagine better trip leader. This trip is more than I dreamed of, Jaakko comments.

Want to join the group beginning of year 2015 with Markus Dernjatin? Contact travel agency Aventura for more details: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 




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